Lighting and Distribution Product Manager

Daniel Joseph Ebben
Senior Product Manager,
Lighting and Distribution Products

Dan started at Werner Electric Supply in 1996 with 9 years of experience in the lighting industry. He served as a customer service rep. before becoming lighting product manager. In 2007, his duties expanded to include distribution.

“Werner Electric Supply has provided me the tools to flourish. The company has supported programs I have initiated, allowing them to gain traction and succeed. With Werner Electric’s support I have helped increase lighting sales and my value in the lighting industry. I have been able to hire and retain excellent people, allowing Werner Electric Supply to maintain a high level of service.”

“Since 1996, we have experienced outstanding growth in lighting sales. I attribute this success to a number of initiatives. We have implemented a design/build team that performs layouts and energy calculations. We have added the project management team which handles all phases of an order. We have introduced an internal staging service, allowing a large project to be brought into our warehouse and delivered to a job site when the customer needs their product.”

“Our relationship with vendors has also contributed to the success of the lighting department. As our company has grown, our importance to our vendors has also grown. We have excellent support from our vendors and they contribute greatly to our sales efforts.”

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