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Wittenstein – Axenia Value Stainless Steel Servo Actuator

Hygienic Design

Wittenstein‘s Axenia value servo actuators are designed for demanding applications and manufactured from highly resistant stainless steel. They provide a hygienic connection between motor and gearhead and have a hygienic, cavity-free design. This servo actuator connects motors to gearheads with absolute precision and dynamics. Axenia value servo actuators are designed to withstand a wide range of aggressive fluids such as cleaners and disinfectants.

Compact and Precise

The compact Axenia value stainless steel servo actuator was specially developed to improve process and machine reliability. The Axenia features a highly precise and dynamic connection between motor and gearhead, allowing a higher function in a smaller space. For hygienic actuator solutions, Wittenstein has the family of products you need! Call Werner Electric Supply for all your on-machine automation needs.

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