Werner Electric Supply: Ken Eggler – November 2017 Continual Improvement Award!

Continual Improvement Award Goes to…

The November 2017 Werner Electric Supply Continual Improvement Award goes to Ken Eggler, RDC Wire Department Supervisor! Ken developed a training plan which included work instructions on how wire orders are best written and processed, then presented his training plan to the CSR team. Ken’s presentation helped the internal CSR customers understand the wire ordering process, aided in reducing errors, and enhanced the efficiency of the wire cutting team. Sharing the process internally helped increase Werner Electric’s profit by eliminating wire order rework. Time and labor savings occurred when delivery drivers had fewer returned wire orders to pick up and return.

History of Leadership at Werner Electric

Ken has been with Werner Electric Supply for 5 years in a leadership role. He has been involved in multiple continuous improvement projects. He was an integral member of the transition team during the corporate move to the new RDC in Appleton. Ken is motivated by the ability to help his team and the teams around him achieve success. This project is one of many in which Ken has exemplified the Werner Way. Congratulations Ken!

Werner Electric Continual Improvement Award

The purpose of the Werner Electric Continual Improvement Award is to recognize employees for their involvement in improvements which impact expense reduction, profitability, PFP payout, and customer satisfaction. Managers nominate an employee for improvements that have been successfully implemented.

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