Werner Electric Supply: Phil Fisher – January 2018 Continual Improvement Award Winner

Continual Improvement Award Goes to…

Phil Fisher, Werner Electric RDC Receiving Supervisor, has risen to his leadership role. He was recently selected as a Lean 6 Sigma Project Leader and his first project challenge was to increase receiving lines per hour (LPH) in Werner Electric’s RDC. By leading and working with his team, Phil redefined inbound and outbound lanes to improve how freight had previously been processed. With the addition of put away carts, Phil’s team reduced travel time and congestion for forklift operators in the receiving area. The redefined freight lanes and the addition of put away carts resulted in a 32% overall improvement in productivity. Receiving lines increased from 19 LPH to over 25 LPH!

A Great Addition to RDC Leadership

Phil was promoted to his leadership role as RDC Receiving Supervisor a little over a year ago. He has been involved in many continuous improvement projects to increase warehouse safety, maximize receiving efficiency, and improve product put away processes. Phil has proven to be a great addition to the RDC team and is always motivated to do what he can to contribute to the “Werner Way” by holding himself to a high standard and actively making a difference. Congratulations Phil!

Werner Electric Continual Improvement Award

The purpose of the Werner Electric Continual Improvement Award is to recognize employees for their involvement in improvements which impact expense reduction, profitability, PFP payout, and customer satisfaction. Managers nominate an employee for improvements that have been successfully implemented.


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