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OEM Line Isolation Switch Prevents Exposure To Line Side Voltage

A Safer Switching Device

Eaton’s OEM line isolation (OLI) switch provides an external disconnect for industrial control panels. This allows operators to access the control panel without exposure to line side voltage, keeping workers safe. Eaton’s OLI switch can universally integrate to major manufacturers’ disconnect enclosures. The Eaton solution contains an enclosure, disconnect, handle, flex-cable operator, and more!

Why Eaton’s OEM Switch?

Features of Eaton’s switch include a gasketed side wall which mounts to an OEM cabinet, an oversized line shield which is internal to the switch, and a modified heavy duty safety switch which is available with NEMA® Type 12/3R and 4/4X enclosures. Above all, Eaton’s OEM line isolation switch helps avoid operator exposure to side system voltage often not addressed in traditional control panels.

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