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Werner Electric Supply: Eaton Bussmann – Low-Peak™ CUBEFuse™ Requires Up To 70% Less Space!

So Many Great Features With CUBEFuse™!

Bussmann series Low-Peak™ CUBEFuses™ require up to 70% less space when combined with unique fuseholders. Other great features include a tool-less plug-in capability, availability in three case sizes with ratings from 1 to 100 amps, and high fault interruption up to 300kA. It’s also one of the easiest solutions for selectively coordinating your system to prevent electrical shutdowns from moving beyond the failed circuit.

How Do You Use The CUBEFuse?

Submit your story on how you use the Eaton Bussmann Low-Peak™ CUBEFuse™ and receive a chance to win $575 toward Nest home products! Learn more from your account representative at Werner Electric Supply.

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