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Werner Electric Supply: Eaton Lighting – Metalux High Bay LED Luminaire

Economical High Bay LED Replacements

Eaton Lighting’s new High Bay LED luminaires are a great replacement for existing HBL632-MP fluorescent fixtures and 400w HID metal halide fixtures. Curious about your return on investment? The simple payback is under two years when replacing existing 6 lamp T8 high bays, based on 12 hours per day run time!

Now in Stock at Werner Electric Supply

Eaton’s Metalux High Bay LED’s are ideal for industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications which currently utilize traditional HID and linear fluorescent high bays. Now in stock at Werner Electric, reach out to Brian Buschke of our Lighting Design Team, to learn more great features such as precision designed optics, multiple lens and wireguard options, correlated temperatures, and an optional dimming driver. Let Werner Electric help you with your lighting designs!

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