Werner Electric Supply: 2 Year Appleton RDC Anniversary – Incredible Achievements!

New RDC Leads To Incredible Milestones

This month we are celebrating two years in our Appleton RDC! We caught up with Austin Faucher, Werner Electric Supply RDC Warehouse Manager, who provided insight on how things have transitioned since April 2016. Although Austin was pretty clear that there were some bumps in the road as Werner Electric became situated in the new RDC, the move has provided a setting for some pretty incredible milestones!

Hard Work and Dedication From All

The transition from the Neenah facility into the new RDC was a process that required a lot of hard work and dedication. More than 60 RDC employees needed to adapt to new technology. RDC supervisors and managers were frequently working 14-hour days. “In-bound” work was consuming half of the new building and spilling over into “out-bound” areas. The clearest goal was to just get orders out, making focusing on actual metrics difficult.

Incredible Achievements

According to Austin, all the hard work of the Werner Electric RDC leadership and employees paid off. The RDC is currently working with greater accuracy than ever before. Today, not only is same-day receiving a goal, it is an expectation. Werner Electric has a larger pipe and wire inventory than ever before and the RDC has gone months without a single wire-cutting error! Previously, the Neenah facility counter typically projected a 90 minute wait time between when a customer placed an order and the time they were able to pick it up at the counter. Today, our Appleton counter only requires a 30 minute projected wait time, an incredible improvement!

Werner Electric Supply is proud of our progress and thankful for everyone who worked above and beyond during the transition! Stay tuned for a follow up article later in 2018, which will highlight more incredible RDC achievements.

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