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Werner Electric Supply: SPEEDPULL® Custom Solutions – Bundle Cables And Wire Into One!

Wire And Cable Customized Into One, Fast Pull

Werner Electric Supply now offers customized SPEEDPULL® solutions. SPEEDPULL bundles and binds together different types of wire and cable into one compact, flexible, multi-conductor cable. Customization can include color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors. SPEEDPULL provides faster installations and easier identification with every run. You’ll see tremendous cost and labor savings, all the way up to 30 percent!

SPEEDPULL’s Great Features

  • Multiple-type, custom-bundled cables on a single spool
  • One fast cable pull
  • Easy installation with significant labor savings
  • Simplifies material management and material waste at the job site
  • Quick turnaround
  • No jackets, cable flexibility is maintained
  • Color-coded and printed cables for unique identification
  • Taped constructions with pull-tabs option
  • Staggered lengths available

Contact Werner Electric Supply today to learn about all our customized services such as wire striping, conduit bending, engraving, pre-fabrication, and much more!

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