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Werner Electric Supply: Grace Engineered Products – Permanent Electrical Safety Devices

Verify Absence of Voltage from Outside the Enclosure

The Safeside® line of products from Grace Engineered Products can enhance your electrical safety! The Voltage Test Station (VTS) is a Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD) that keeps workers safe. It allows you to verify presence or absence of voltage from outside electrical enclosures. The VTS combines the Safe-Test Point™ PESD with a voltage indicator that can be hardwired. It can provide visual verification and AC/DC voltage measurement through a meter test. Provide a safer Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) method for your employees. Safeside also offers a variety of lockable housing options!

Watch the Grace Engineered PESDs Voltage Indicator video to learn more and contact Enclosure Product Manager, Tony Monday, at Werner Electric Supply today!

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