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Werner Electric Supply: Panduit – Cisco Systems: Enabling IoT Capabilities through a Single Converged IP Network Case Study

Secure, Reliable Network Infrastructure

You may think of Cisco Systems, Inc. as a leader in creating smart and connected networks for clients. However, when Cisco expanded its facility, it partnered with Panduit Enterprise Solutions to incorporate a converged IP network infrastructure. This allowed Cisco to adapt and expand for its own future growth. The Panduit-Cisco partnership created one of the  world’s smartest buildings. Read the Cisco Systems Case Study, Enabling IoT Capabilities through a Single Converged IP Network, to learn more.

Enable Your Capabilities

Do you want to improve your employee productivity and decrease your operational costs? Contact the Network Solutions group at Werner Electric for network solutions guidance. Together with our partners such as Panduit, Cisco Systems and Rockwell Automation, we know about cutting edge technology to create a network infrastructure for you which maximizes productivity and reduces operation costs!

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