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Flextray™ Versatile Cable Management

Flexible Cable Management

The Eaton B-Line Flextray™ system is ideal for commercial and data center cable management. It allows a flexible means of adapting your tray to fit your job-site application. The Eaton B-Line tray can be cut and bent to your needs. Flextray comes in a wide range of sizes and accessories. It’s the best choice for both small cable drops and for managing large cable bundles.

Flexibility and Cost Savings

Additional Flextray features can reduce your total installed cost through material and labor savings. With Flextray, use up to 50% less splicing hardware resulting in faster installation. Save up to 80% on field fabrication by using the corner radius support option. To learn more about how Flextray’s enhanced accessories can benefit you, call Werner Electric Supply and ask for Eric Meyer, Electrical Supplies Product Specialist!

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