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Werner Electric Supply: Hubbell Wiring Devices – HBL 700 Low Profile Metal Raceway System

Metal Raceway Convenience

The Hubbell Wiring Devices HBL 700 series is in addition to their HBL 500 and HBL 750 surface metal raceway series. These low profile, single service metal raceways are convenient for terminations, splices, or taps to multiple devices at one location. The HBL 700 is equipped with the Hubbell Wiring Handi-Screw® which eliminates difficult to install long screws and allows easy box mounting with more wire and data cable capacity. Choices for the HBL 700 series include steel or aluminum, single or multi-channel, and a quality line of color-matching power and datacom devices.

View all the Hubbell Wiring metal raceway components, and if you’d like to learn more, contact Werner Electric Supply Electrical Supplies Product Specialist, Eric Meyer.

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