Innovative Process Control Trainer

MiA (Mee-ah), is an innovative, contemporary process control trainer. Designed by Rodney Howard, Werner Electric Supply product manager for process controls, and with design recommendations from the International Society of Automation (ISA), MiA can simulate the many processes found in manufacturing plants. MiA is an 82″x 26″x 80″ unit which can be utilized for customer, college, and high school student automation process control training.

What can MiA Do?

MiA can replicate a variety of process scenarios and strategies found in manufacturing plants, such as:

  • Flow, level, pressure and temperature control
  • Cascade control and feedforward control
  • Sequence control, Clean-In-Place simulation, and batch control
  • Data collection and maintenance based evaluations
  • Alarm management

Contact Rodney Howard, Werner Electric Supply Process Control Product Manager, to learn how you can take advantage of MiA’s great training opportunities!

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