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Werner Electric Supply: Siemens – Changes To North American Control Panel Standards – White Paper

Recent Changes in Standards for the US & Canada

Is it a challenge for you to keep pace with the rapidly changing standards and directives for industrial control panels? Trust Siemens experts to keep you informed of the latest changes and how they impact your business. Siemens can help you optimize your control panel design with resources and support on standards such as NFPA70, NFPA79, UL508A, CSA22.2, and IEC60204-1.

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Download the Siemens white paper, Changes to North American Standards, for a summary of  the currently applicable North American standards and the most important changes. Contact Shane Suko, Automation Product Specialist at Werner Electric Supply, for more information on the resources, tools, and tips for efficiently engineering control panels.

*Siemens products are available in the Werner Electric Supply North Dakota locations.

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