Flex it, Cut it, Reconnect it…

Do you ever wish you had a more flexible LED lighting option for linear applications in the field? Acuity Brands recently introduced Juno FlexConnect™. The Juno IO414 series is IP67 wet location rated for outdoor or indoor use. The extreme versatility of FlexConnect allows for shaping around curved surfaces, cutting into increments as small as six inches, and then easily reconnecting. FlexConnect™ provides flexible lighting formats to create beautiful lighting systems, even in wet conditions.

Lighting Design Expertise

Werner Electric Supply carries a wide variety of cutting edge luminaire products and fixtures from a wide array of vendors. Our Lighting Design Team can provide onsite lighting consultations, lighting layouts, energy audits, and seamless integration into your customers existing lighting plans. Contact Brian Buschke, Lighting Quotations Manager, to learn more!

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