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Cost-effective & Time-saving Custom Assembly Solutions

Time And Money – Precious Commodities

One of Werner Electric Supply‘s most popular and customer-centric solutions is custom assembly. Our custom assembly solutions save our customers time and money every day on the job! Our experts will customize your assemblies in-house and deliver them straight to your job site. This helps reduce your labor costs and makes installation a breeze.

Let Custom Assembly Impact Your Bottom Line

Conduit Bending—We can pre-bend EMT, IMC and rigid conduit up to four-inch diameter and deliver it to your job site within two to three days.

Pipe Threading—We can custom cut and thread rigid or IMC conduit from ½ inch to four-inch diameter.

Custom Wire Striping—Drawing on our vast wire inventory, we can customize your wire runs with eleven different colors!

SPEEDPULL—Our SPEEDPULL machine bundles and binds together different types of wire and cable into one compact, flexible, multi-conductor cable. This includes color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors. SPEEDPULL provides faster installations and easier identification with every run. Cost savings increase by up to 30 percent!

Enclosure Modification Machine—Don’t waste time making holes and cutouts manually. Let us deliver your nVent/Hoffman enclosures and back panels ready to populate. By utilizing our extensive local market inventory, you can enjoy pre-modified enclosures and back panels in one to two weeks.

Strut Cutter—Go directly from cut to installation. We provide strut with a burr-free cut that requires no post processing or finishing. Cutting dies are available for most commercial strut profiles, and we can also accept custom dies to meet your special applications.

DIN Rail Cutter—Our DIN rail cutter can easily cut your choice of industry standard solid or slotted DIN rail with minimum pressure and no burred ends. You won’t need to perform a secondary filing or grinding, your DIN rail will be ready to go!

Metal Box Assemblies (with mud rings, and more!)—Our assembly team can save you time and labor. We can assemble a variety of products in-house and deliver them to your job site, including metal box, uni-mount mud ring, direct mount, floor mount, Stab-It box and mason box stub assemblies. We can also assemble large capacity boxes for data, ceiling boxes with pigtails, conduit bends, data drops, and pigtail devices.

Pre-fab Light Fixtures and Custom Fixture Whips— Pre-attached connectors can add speed when finalizing fixture whip terminations. Finalized fixture whips attach or snap directly into the fixture housing. This cost-effective solution eliminates lock nuts and wire nuts and needs no tools to install. Easily insert the fixture’s conductors into the corresponding parts, and you’re finished.

Threaded Rod Cutter—We can cut ¼ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch mild steel as well as, ¼ inch and 3/8 inch stainless steel. The clean threaded rod won’t be chipped or burred, so you can easily thread on fasteners without having to clean the threads.

MC Cable Cutter— Our custom MC cable cutter and pigtailer can simultaneously cut and pigtail MC, AC, HCF and BX cable as fast as we measure them. It’s the most accurate and convenient way to cut! Let us save you time and eliminate waste by measuring and cutting only the lengths you need.

Are you ready to start saving time, money, and labor? Contact Jordan Sell, Custom Assembly Product Specialist at Werner Electric Supply, and we’ll go to work for you!


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