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Werner Electric Supply: Eaton Bussmann – CCP2 Fuses Save Panel Space & Increase SCCR

How Powerful is Space?

The revolutionary next generation Eaton Bussmann™ series Compact Circuit Protector, or CCP2, requires 3/5 the space of traditional fusible switches. The CCP2 packs up to a 200 kA short-circuit current rating. This makes it ideal for industrial control panels, machinery, and HVAC applications.

More Great Features of the CCP2

  • Fuse indication for both AC/DC
  • Lug options include single box lug with expanded wire ratings, or multi-wire lug kits
  • I- P20 finger-safety with 10 AWG or larger wire
  • UL 98 listed as branch disconnect
  • Lockout/Tagout padlockable handle

Contact Eric Meyer, Product Manager of Electrical Supplies at Werner Electric Supply to learn all the benefits of this revolutionary compact circuit protector.

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