Kara Boyle – September 2018 Continual Improvement Award Winner!

Continual Improvement Award Goes To…

Kara Boyle, Werner Electric Supply RDC Warehouse teammate, recently developed a packing screen for the lighting staging department in the RDC. The new packing screen significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to systematically pack fixtures for our customers’ lighting jobs. Previously it took approximately 2.5 hours to pack 400 fixtures at a rate of 160 fixtures/hour. With Kara’s innovation, it now takes about 45 minutes to pack 400 fixtures. Statistically, lighting fixture packing productivity increased from 160 fixtures/hour to 533 fixtures/hour. That’s a 70% reduction in labor for our lighting staging department! All the labor-savings from Kara’s suggested improvement can now be redistributed to other necessary tasks within the RDC.

Great job Kara! Thank you for all you do to help make Werner Electric Supply a great place to work!

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