Go Back To School With Littelfuse University

Need help selecting fuses and protection relays? Littelfuse can help you pick the best fuses and protection relays to minimize your risk. With the Littelfuse University catalog of award-winning courses, you can choose the right products for your applications. You can also easily access a broad range of training videos from your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Don’t miss out, sign-up today!

Popular Courses

Below is a sampling of beneficial Littelfuse University courses:

  • Arc-Flash Relays Make Switchgear Safer (SC102R)
  • Motor Protection: Why Is It Needed? (FC101R)
  • Smart Motor Protection: MP8000 Overload Relay with Bluetooth Interface (SC101R)
  • Target Applications for Littelfuse High-Speed Fuses (SC107F)

If you’d like to learn more, contact Electrical Supplies Product Manager, Eric Meyer at Werner Electric Supply.

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