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Actuators With Innovative Pneumatic Cylinder Designs

MGP Compact Guided Cylinder Selection

SMC’s MGP compact guided cylinders are designed for high side load applications, from material handling and lifting, to stopping. Choose from the SMC MGPM-Z, a slide bearing guided cylinder suitable for stopping applications. Or the MGPL-Z, which is suitable for pushing and lifting applications. The MGPL-Z incorporates a standard guided cylinder with ball bushing bearing. The SMC MGPMF-Z is available with a plate-side flange and a slide bearing which provides lateral stability. It is also suitable for stopping applications.

SMC Product Variety

Standard guided cylinders from SMC are compact body actuators integrated with internal guide shafts. They isolate the load bearing from the movement of the actuator’s rod and seals. If you’re not sure which SMC MGP product best fits your needs, contact Darren McIvor, Product Manager for Pneumatics at Werner Electric Supply, for assistance.

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