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The Future Of Copper In Wisconsin

Demand For Raw Copper and Consumable Products

Building construction and electrical manufacturing remain the largest markets for raw copper and its consumable products. The global demand for copper—both refined and recycled—is expected to rise 4.2 percent per year through 2019 to 36 million metric tons, valued at $261 billion.* This is largely due to anticipated growth in the construction industry, which uses copper wire and tubing in electrical equipment and plumbing. A secondary cause for demand is the growing interest in electric vehicles, which use copper in their batteries and motors.

Even within an upward trend, the copper industry may see peaks and valleys. In August 2018, copper hit a 13-month low and entered a bear market. Some economists worry a decrease in copper value signals an overall slowdown in the global economy, yet copper still remains a necessary component in construction and manufacturing well into the future.

Local Copper Mining and Manufacturing

Wisconsin is projected to harbor abundant supplies of copper and other minable metals. In December 2017, state legislators lifted a 20-year ban on mining, which may lead to the return of local mining. While this may create new jobs and boost the economy, lawmakers believe a true mining comeback is still many years away.

Meanwhile, manufacturing in Wisconsin continues to utilize and produce copper byproducts. With the metal’s recent decrease in trading value, local businesses can take advantage of cheaper costs in the short-term.

Over 850 SKUs Of Wire Inventory

Werner Electric Supply has an inventory of over 850 SKUs of wire, and provides wire pulling and cutting as one of our custom contractor services. Our wire and cable team make more than 68,000 cuts annually. We take various combinations and gauges of wire and custom spools and cut it to fulfill customers’ requests. Beyond supplying precision lengths and ease of use on the jobsite, Werner Electric can deliver the custom wire pull order to your jobsite the very next day!

To learn more about our custom wire pulling and cutting, wire striping, conduit bending, and custom assemblies, contact Jeremy Sell, Wire and Cable Product Specialist.


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