ChargePoint Meets Your Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Needs

Did you know that all major car manufacturers are quickly trending towards the electric vehicle (EV) industry? Car manufacturers now supply over 30 models of plug-in hybrid, or fully electric cars. Werner Electric just installed a ChargePoint CT 4000 Level 2, EV charging station at our Appleton location to meet the EV trend head on! If you are interested in purchasing your own electric car then you may want to check out some brand new electric cars for sale online, you can browse cars easily and find which ones are the best to suit your driving needs. Now that this automotive technology has been around for some time and has proved that it’s here for the long run, the number of electric vehicles on the market has really taken off. The Zemotor listings, and similar sites, feature such vehicles for those interested in riding the electric trend.

In the past, the idea of electric cars was a strange one, with many doubting their capabilities. But now, they are a prominent feature in the car market. So much so, they have paved the way for even newer technology to come forward, such as driverless cars. Although this is a very new technology, it’s taking the industry by storm and you can check out here what we mean!

Why Install A ChargePoint EV Charging Station?

  • Largest EV charging network in the industry
  • 24/7 driver support with full employer access control
  • Necessary workplace amenity to attract/retain employees

Watch Werner Electric Clean Energy Product Manager Ben LeRoy, show off our new ChargePoint CT4000 charging station and listen as he lists the great benefits of going electric. Going electric has many benefits and if this is something you are considering then you may need to invest in some process control services to support you with your change and desired vehicle.

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