Cyber Security Expertise at Pro4M

Giving access to something as simple as your email address can wreak havoc on your life. Have you ever had your credit card compromised? No fun there. Identity theft? Now, that’s a real problem. What is the cost to your employer if the hard drive with automation controller programs on it fails? What is the cost if an outsider is able to exploit a vulnerability in your company’s remote access solution and accesses a recipe management system loaded with intellectual property? What if they decide to access your controllers and bypass the safety systems and someone gets hurt, or worse?

Join Our Lunch Discussion!

If you’d like to learn more, join Werner Electric Supply at Pro4M on May 9-10th, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as we host a lunch discussion with cyber security subject matter experts from the International Society of Automation (ISA), Rockwell Automation, Cisco Systems and Panduit. Our panel will discuss best practices and strategies around implementing effective cyber security policies and procedures. Our featured speakers include:

  • Gregory Wilcox – Rockwell Automation, Principal Application Engineer for Strategic Development
  • Scott Friberg – Cisco Systems, Solutions Architect
  • Bob Voss – Panduit,  Sr. Principal Engineer
  • Marty Edwards – ISA Cyber Security Expert

Save the Date

Save the Date for our Pro4M event featuring 2 days of process control solutions and discover process applications to deliver more effective business results. Bring your End-User, OEM, and System Integration teams for valuable exposure to new industries, innovative applications and diverse user perspectives.

Download the Pro4M Flyer for more details, or contact Rodney Howard, Process Control Product Manager at Werner Electric Supply, to learn more!

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