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Spacious Raco STAB-iT II Large Capacity Electrical Boxes

Whether for audio, video, data or power applications, Hubbell Raco STAB-iT II large capacity boxes work great for Cat 6A and fiber optic cable bends. Bright red Life Safety appliance back boxes are also available with extra large knockouts and an adapter ring.

Hubbell RACO is hoping to change the way industries install MC, MCI, MCI-A, AC, and HCF cable. Their STAB-iT boxes are the fastest way to terminate cable into a box because of their built-in cable connectors for flexible armored cable. The built-in cable connectors are designed to lock the cable in place quickly and easily to increase production time on jobs. Just prepare your cable, remove the priout from the box, insert the cable and you’re done!

STAB-iT boxes can accommodate two cables and will work with cable sizes from 14/2 up to 10/3 for most cable types. They come in 4” sq. 2-1/8” deep boxes with one or two STAB-iT connectors, or are available in 2-1/2” deep switch boxes for new or old work, and for stud mounting. STAB-iT boxes can also come pre-installed with 8” solid #12 pigtail for even faster installation.

More Great Features

  • 4-11/16″ square, 3 – 1/4″ deep box
  • 1/2″ through 2″ knockouts
  • Accepts standard 4-11/16″ covers, mounts on existing 4-11/16″ positioning brackets

STAB-iT Demo

Watch the video below to see this product being used and check out their website for more information!

To learn additional features or to purchase, visit the Raco Large Capacity Boxes or the Raco Life Safety Back Box product pages. Contact Ben LeRoy, Product Manager of Electrical Supplies at Werner Electric Supply to learn more.

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