What type of lighting is best? How many lights are needed and where is their optimal placement? What are the best cost-saving solutions? The Werner Electric Supply lighting designers have the experience and knowledge to help you choose your lighting wisely and with maximum cost-savings.

Building Something New?

If you are managing a new building project, lighting design and efficiency is critical. Successful blueprints incorporate abundant, energy-efficient lighting throughout the structure’s design. Our lighting team has specialized, in-depth knowledge to ensure your project is done right.

Update An Existing Building With New Lighting

A remodeling project brings challenges such as outdated electrical systems, structural snags, and old versus new design integration, making your remodeling project complex. Let the lighting experts at Werner Electric Supply provide you with cost-saving retrofits, efficient products, and contemporary lighting solutions.

More Than Just Design

Werner Electric has a dedicated Project Coordination Group—your own team of experts who will be with you every step of the way, from design to project installation. Contact Brian Buschke, lighting project expert and let us get to work for you!

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