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New! Enhanced 450L-E GuardShield Light Curtain

The Allen-Bradley 450L-E GuardShield Safety Light Curtain utilizes innovative transceiver technology to enhance worker safety and improve productivity.

Significant Advantages

  • An Integrated Laser Alignment System (ILAS) reduces installation time.
  • Multiple visible laser points optimize setup with a simple touch of the ILAS symbol on the front window of the stick.
  • A compact design and full-length protective field make it easy to integrate in hand and finger protection applications from 150 mm (5.9 inches) up to 1950 mm (76.7 inches) in increments of 150 mm (0.5 foot).

Watch Werner Electric Supply Product Manager Eric Nelson, demonstrate how easy it is to install and program the Allen-Bradley 450L-E Safety Light Curtains from Rockwell Automation.

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