Do you need highly visible LED emergency exit signs with superior aesthetics? CrystalWay by Eaton Lighting is your solution! CrystalWay uses modern technology to improve recognition of escape routes during an emergency evacuation. It allows illuminated exit signs to flash or pulse to increase visibility, while never dipping below the minimum level of luminance for emergency lighting standards.

CrystalWay Key Features

  • Flexible range of mounting options
  • Suitable for single or double-sided use
  • Available in 20m & 30m viewing distance options
  • Self-contained, slave, self-test and CGLine+ addressable testing options
  • Long life Lithium Ion Battery (10 Year Design Life)
  • 50,000 hour lifetime LED light source
  • Low power consumption
  • One box solution for wall & ceiling mounting, comes with four ISO pictograms

CrystalWay is perfect for modern office buildings and commercial buildings where superior aesthetics are desired. Contact Jason Spang, Lighting Product Manager at Werner Electric Supply, and let us provide for all your lighting project needs.

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