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Twist-Lock Devices

The wide-range of Twist-Lock electical devices from Hubbell are an industry “go-to”. No matter what your application; rugged features, roomy wiring chambers, powerful cord grip designs or enclosure or safety-shroud ratings, Hubbell Twist-Lock devices assure reliable performance.

A Twist-Lock for Every Application

  • Insulgrip Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles and Inlets
  • 50 Amp Insulgrip Twist-Lock
  • Midget Twist-Lock
  • Safety-shroud Twist-Lock
  • Watertight Safety-Shroud Twist-Lock
  • Watertight Mechanical Interlock for Safety-Shroud Twist-Lock
  • Hubbellock Devices

Watch the video to learn more or purchase now. Questions? Contact Eric Meyer, Product Manager of Electrical Supplies at Werner Electric Supply.

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