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Werner Electric Supply is now Partnered with LLumin

New Partnership

Werner Electric Supply and LLumin are proudly partnering to bring our manufacturing and industrial customers the tools to monitor and report every resource of their asset hierarchy. Our goal is to help you monitor and assess machine conditions, component level reliability, and provide increased safety and EHS inspection management.

Know Everything about Your Most Critical Assets

LLumin knows that machines break, materials fail, assets get lost. Everything that can slow an organization down, or possibly stop it in its tracks, is manageable with the right technology and strategic mindset. That’s where LLumin comes in! LLumin provides technology that reveals challenges across your industrial environments and helps you to maintain consistent uptime.

Higher ROI, Lower Cost

To learn more about LLumin’s READYAsset Maintenance Managment System and READYTrak Tool and Materials Managment Software, contact your local Werner Electric Supply Account Manager. Let us help you eliminate problems that diminish productivity and enable your organization to achieve a higher ROI at a lower cost.

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