Building codes continue to be more demanding and firestop system testing more rigorous. If you’re involved in the application of fire protection products into listed systems, let 3M help you become a firestop installation expert. Choose from three levels of training:

e-Train Online Training

e-Train is 3M Fire Protection’s Level 1 comprehensive online education program, designed to provide users with general firestopping information and trade-specific installation details. e-Train includes a comprehensive online program, three years of access to firestop training and access to the 3M video library, showing proper firestop system installations.

On-location Installer Training

If you need more specific firestopping product and system information, 3M’s qualified professionals can provide training tailored to meet your needs, right at your location. This Level 2 program is designed for installers who are familiar with 3M fire protection products, but want to learn more about advanced application installations, and new tools and systems.

Training at 3M’s Fire Test Center

3M has trained more than 5,000 code officials, architects, contractors and firestop professionals at their Fire Test Center. Learn more details and join 3M at their Test Center for a hands-on, two-day session with 3M firestop experts.

Contact Werner Electric Supply‘s 3M Product Specialist John Casper to learn more about 3M’s 3 Levels of Firestop Training or how to register!

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