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Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlocks

Up to 700% more unique key codes

As a safety professional your job is critical and the lives of your crew depend on it. Brady’s SafeKey Lockout System is engineered for ultimate key precision and advanced key security. Brady’s revolutionary concept yields up to 700% more unique keys over traditional safety padlock systems.

One of a kind design

Brady’s one-of-a-kind key design means smooth, low friction key operation. Reduced key wear will give you years of reliable, consistent performance in all industrial conditions. Get unprecedented key control and key security for your simple, or highly complex lockout needs. Features include:

  • Up to 700% more unique key codes
  • Master and grand master systems
  • Free key charting services

More unique features

Color matched keys and locks help you immediately grab the right key, while optional custom laser engraving helps keep you organized. Aluminum and non-conductive nylon bodies and shackles mean you’ll always have the right lock for every lockout situation.

Brady redefines the standard for lockout safety with ultimate key precision and advanced key security. Contact Ben LeRoy, Electrical Supplies Product Manager at Werner Electric Supply, to learn more!

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