If you are an OEM or End User, you face multiple challenges in today’s industrial environment. As an OEM you need to gain a business advantage and differentiate yourself from competitors, while reducing commissioning and start up times. If you are an End User, you are looking for lower cost, intuitive, and easy-to-maintain machines. You are also addressing the challenges of workforce shortages and reducing machine downtime.

See into the Mechanics of your Machines

Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC augmented reality technology, will let you see into the actual mechanics of your machines. Augmented reality can help your technicians revolutionize how they interact with today’s technology.

Watch our simulation with MiA the process trainer, and learn how augmented reality can highlight process flow components, display real time processing information and trends, and identify faulted instruments. Learn how you can troubleshoot machines on the factory floor, view advanced diagnostics, and easily access operator manuals, all through augmented reality!

Schedule a Demonstration

If you’d like to schedule a demonstration on how to use augmented reality to enhance your OEM or End User industrial environment, contact Rodney Howard, Process Solutions Product Manager at Werner Electric Supply. Let Rodney take you through a simulation of augmented reality with MiA, our process trainer.

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