Rockwell Automation’s Version 32 (v32) for Studio 5000 Logix Designer incorporates many enhancements. Follow along as Werner Electric Supply PLC Product Specialist, Weston Timmers, highlights many of the new v32 features.

Extended Data Types – 64 Bit Math

This new feature allows for extended data types in CompactLogix™ 5380 and ControlLogix™ 5580 controllers so you can calculate more precise, or larger values for use in your calculations. This allows extended flexibility to comply with third-party communication standards.

Tag-based Alarm Enhancements

Version 31 of Logix Designer included new alarming functionality. With v32, the new Alarm Set Operation (ASO) will allow you to issue bulk actions on a set of alarms such as enabling or disabling groups of alarms, resetting, or acknowledging a group of alarms all at once.

New Function Block Diagram (FBD) Functions

A simpler function block construction can help lower your overall design time. Version 32 allows you to troubleshoot faster with a simpler user interface and provides access to drag and drop compare and compute functions with no additional configuration. Existing instructions are replaced with a smaller visual footprint, no backing tag, and more intuitive symbol-based functions.

Productivity Enhancements

Online editing features now include a user-defined data type in which you can design a UDT with spare members and then rename those unused members during online editing. You can also rename tags that are being trended through Logix Designer applications, FactoryTalk® Linx software, or PanelView™ 5000 HMI, as opposed to being locked out.

In v32, you can select multiple trends and copy, cut, paste, delete, export, or import those trends in bulk. Nested delete allows you to selectively edit I/O trees by deleting the parent module. Anything configured or nested underneath the parent module will also be deleted, saving you time from having to delete each item separately.

Updated Device Webpages

The updated controller device webpages allow you to remotely troubleshoot more quickly. If you don’t have access to online Studio 5000 software, you can easiy access device webpages from your network browser. Version 32 webpages now display safety signature, controller and network status indicators, and more.

Quick Watch

You can now create a watch window with tags from different routines without having to name the Quick Watch window. This allows you to open a watch window for multiple routines simultaneously and gives you the flexibility to navigate back and forth easily between different tags in different routines.

For ease of use, you can now minimize the clicks required to streamline your workspace. Right click on the top tab to close all but your current window.

New Function Block Wire-Jumps can help you to troubleshoot more easily as the visibility of wire connection intersections have been visually improved.

Learn More

Contact Werner Electric PLC Product Specialist Weston Timmers, if you have questions about the new v32 features.

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