Hubbell’s recently released product will change the way you charge your cell phone. This revolutionary wall mount charger is wireless and ideal for new construction on both commercial AND residential locations.

With dozens of applications ranging from offices to restaurants and everything in between, there is no question that this wireless charger is the way of the future. No longer will the average person need to carry around a cord or hope for a charging station near by – this one stop product covers all bases. It is as easy as putting your smartphone into the sturdy holder and letting it charge until sufficient. If your smartphone does not support wireless charging, Hubbell has also created the wall mount with a slot for a USB insert to cater to everyone’s needs.

Benefits to charging your phone wirelessly include: less strain on the charging port of your phone, safer way to transfer power, and ease of use. Utilizing wireless charging also allows iPhone users to utilize their headphones while boosting their battery power!


  • Qi certified
  • Easy single gang installation
  • Two inductive coils for optimum target area
  • 5W capacity wireless output
  • LED indication: green for power, blue when charging
  • cULus listed and FCC listed
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