Old vs. New Ink Marking

Ink Marking on aluminum connectors by ILSCO are now colored! This update allows for further synchronization between connectors and end-caps, because both of these products will now use the same identifying color. As you may be aware, the legacy version of their connectors used an embossed marking. This change has been made because ILSCO understands that the readability was being compromised after a crimp was done. Therefore, a switch was made to provide a better solution for customers.

If you are wondering how this could effect you and your business, ILSCO is excited to report that all part numbers will be remaining the same. You will only notice a positive change in the improved ability to easily read the connector before AND after a crimp takes place. Most importantly, this ink marking allows you to quickly identify your crimping die by color. You will also have better visibility to all guidance lines listed on the connector. In other words, all necessary information will be visible and color coded no matter the lighting conditions of your work space! Information found on each connector is listed below.

  • Full part number
  • Conductor size
  • Crimping die color
  • Crimping die number
  • Conductor material suitability
  • Conductor material temperature rating
  • UL and CSA agency approvals
  • Crimp guidance lines

ILSCO’s line of SureCrimp® connectors are still able to terminate and splice BOTH aluminum and copper conductors. Similarly, the connectors are still UL Listed and CSA Certified. Also, don’t forget that when used with a TaskMaster® Tool you can benefit from a five-year connection guarantee!

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